New Calendar Page on ATC Website

I've added a new page to the Asian Turfgrass Center website with a calendar of selected turfgrass conferences and educational seminars that may be of interest to turfgrass managers in Asia. This is not a comprehensive list of events, but I will keep it updated with events as I become aware of them. If you… Continue reading New Calendar Page on ATC Website

ATC Advisory Services Overview

I have summarized the advisory services offered by ATC in this new brochure. Click on the image to download the file and to read more about who we are and who we work with. This file is also available on the Asian Turfgrass Center Services page.

Asian Turfgrass Center 2009 Report

I prepared a short annual report with an overview of the work undertaken by Asian Turfgrass Center in 2009. You may be interested to learn that I wrote 20,504 words for publication in fourteen articles, that ATC websites were visited by people from 88 different countries, or that I spoke at conferences in eight countries.… Continue reading Asian Turfgrass Center 2009 Report

Turfgrass Seminar & Field Day in March 2010

Planning for the Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia 2010 seminar is well underway. Full details are available at Please mark your calendar for 8 to 10 March 2010 and plan to be at Pattaya for three days of turfgrass seminars about new grasses and their management, practical advice about course management from turfgrass scientists… Continue reading Turfgrass Seminar & Field Day in March 2010