Nematode Damage

Nematode damage can cause severe problems on highly-maintained turfgrass. I have recently received a number of inquiries about nematode control, and I wanted to share some information on this topic for those who may be interested. Nematodes are very small worms; there are many different species of nematodes, some of which are harmless or even… Continue reading Nematode Damage

Sustainable Turfgrass Management Seminars – March 2009

A series of turfgrass seminars will be held from 9 March to 16 March in Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia. These seminars are organized by the national golf organizations in each country and are supported by The R&A. For a full schedule, list of topics, and registration information, please check the seminar website. In short,… Continue reading Sustainable Turfgrass Management Seminars – March 2009

First Mow of ATC Green

We started building this green at the start of November, planted fifteen different grasses by 20 November, and have been fertilizing, topdressing, and watering the grass until today, when we mowed it (at 10 mm) for the first time. It is quite interesting to see how the different grasses grow-in when they are planted side-by-side.… Continue reading First Mow of ATC Green

About this blog and ATC

Viridescent means tending to become green, and that is the focus of the Asian Turfgrass Center, both in the literal sense of making grass green in color, and also in the sense of ensuring that sustainable turfgrass management practices are employed in the maintenance of turfgrass. We hope that this blog will provide information to… Continue reading About this blog and ATC