Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: November 2016

I found all kinds of articles and photos on a wide range of topics this month, from energy use on golf courses to potassium fertilizer and winter traffic, park golf in Japan, pitch and putt golf in Denmark, and plenty more.

Which varies more through the year, light or temperature?

Paul Jansen on golf in Denmark.

Tidåker et al. on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from turf management.

Weed control with glyphosate, neat.

Is tropical carpetgrass a good species for putting greens?

Singapore National Stadium pitch to get another makeover.

More about the daily soil water balance.

Park Golf in Japan.

Indoor park golf for winter:


Does extra K fertilizer improve bentgrass winter traffic tolerance?

Obear et al. on clay lamellae development in sand rootzones.

Two divergent views about core aeration.

Max Schlossberg on soil testing and K recommendations.

More photos from Paul Jansen in Denmark.

Pitch and putt.

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